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AgSpire's SustainAg Network helps farmers and ranchers maximize the impact of sustainable practices - both agronomically and economically. Leveraging our industry partnerships and team technical advisors, we help you find the right programs and practices to benefit your operation.

Your Roadmap to SustainAg

Our advisory team helps you unlock the benefits of regenerative agriculture and open valuable market opportunities.

>>>  Sign Up and Complete Your Producer Profile. Once you sign up for the SustainAg Network, our advisors will contact you to learn more about your farm or ranch, your current practices, and the goals you have for your land.

>>> Connect with One of Our Programs. With the information from your producer profile, we’ll help you find the best programs for your operation.

>>> Receive Customized Guidance. Once enrolled in a program, our SustainAg Advisors will provide personalized assistance throughout implementation.

>>> Reap the benefits. Our programs are designed to build soil health, improve water and nutrient usage, and enhance biodiversity, among other benefits – with incentive payments and premiums to reward you for that impact.

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How We Help You Sustain Ag

Incentives & Premiums

Incentives & Premiums

We work across the industry to find programs, incentives, and new markets that reward producers for improved soil health, captured carbon, improved water usage and quality, and enhanced biodiversity – among other sustainable practices

Customized Assistance

Customized Assistance

Our advisors help farmers and ranchers use natural solutions to optimize efficiency and profitability. Once enrolled in a program, they create a plan based on your operation and the program goals – and then provide technical assistance to implement that plan.

Stacking Benefits

Stacking Benefits

We know that your practices, data, and time are valuable. As an impartial advisor working across the industry, we help you find the best opportunities, with the potential to stack programs and realize multiple benefits for your business and land.

Finding the Right Program

Our approach is simple: we want to help farmers and ranchers connect with the most beneficial programs for their land and business. Ryan Eichler, Director of Producer Programs with AgSpire, introduces The SustainAg Network, sharing more about our work, goals, and how the Network works.

Climate-Smart Commodities Grants

Qualified producers in AgSpire’s SustainAg Network are eligible to receive premium payments and expert technical assistance through our grant projects.

Now enrolling for the following programs:

The Grass is Greener Program

With market-leading incentive payments for cover crops, forage plantings, and range plantings, The Grass is Greener Program rewards producers for the environmental benefits of grazing cattle and sustainable forage production.

Participating producers will enroll their grazing and feed production acres into the program to be monitored. Producers can pick one of three different types of regenerative seedings, with cost share available for up to 200 acres per year provided by the program. Cost share is not available for seedings that are already receiving cost share from another USDA source (EQIP, CSP, and others) or incentives from carbon programs.

Producer Benefits

  • Custom grazing and seeding plans.
  • Holistic management approach.
  • Incentive payments, up to $100/acre, for regenerative seedings.
  • Additional premiums may be available for qualifying and verified feeder calves.
  • Additional technical assistance and incentive rates for veteran, women, and resource-limited ranchers.

Covering America from Coast to Coast Program

Through this project, we will work with farmers to utilize holistic management and soil health protocols to produce oats, rye, flax, buckwheat, and camelina.

In addition to growing the specialty grains and oilseeds, participating farmers must plant equal acreage of a multi-species cover crop or forage planting on the same operation, and implement two of the following practices:

> Reduced tillage or no-till

> Reduced N usage through a Nutrient Management Plan

> Minimum of a three-crop rotation

Producer Benefits

  • Customized technical assistance to select cover crop mixes and best practices for operation.
  • $30/acre for cover crop establishment (not available for seedings covered by other USDA programs or incentive programs).
  • No limit on acres eligible to enroll.
  • 10-20% premium payments for verified climate-smart grains and oilseeds purchased through the program.
  • Additional technical assistance and incentive rates for veteran, women, and resource-limited ranchers.

Market-Based Programs

AgSpire works with leading companies to invest in and strengthen their ag supply chains. These market-based programs provide new funding opportunities for producers, including incentives and premiums for sustainable production.

Meet Our Team

Our SustainAg Advisory Team includes agronomists, Certified Crop Advisors, certified Technical Service Providers, and carbon and ecosystem market experts. We have deep experience in conservation programs and grazing and crop management, each with regional expertise for varied ecosystems.